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Rasta Bobs Death Mite - RTU Spray 8 oz

Got a spider mite infestation in your garden? Rasta Bobs Death Mite is a plant-based non-toxic alternative to chemical insecticides.

Spider mites can destroy your garden! They extract fluids from plants which leads to severe wilting and in some cases even death. Stop them in their tracks with Rasta Bob's Death Mite…

Three applications over 7 days should completely break the life cycle of the mite population in your garden- even juveniles and eggs!

It works efficiently on your indoor garden, in a greenhouse or outdoors. Can be spot applied at full strength to adults as well as any visible eggs.

Rasta Bob's Death Mite is crafted from 100% pure Rosemary extracts and is listed as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) so you can be confident that your produce will be safe to consume.

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