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Cytokin - Gallon

Cytokin Plant Growth Bio-regulator:
  • Cytokin is a plant growth regulator containing natural cytokinin plant hormone which is formulated to improve nutrient utilization, promote bud initiation and development, tillering, flower set and retention, improve fruit size and increase efficiency of production. 
  • Cytokin should be used in combination with a well-balanced fertility program and good management practices.
  • It is necessary to have very good growing conditions for maximum utilization of Cytokin and it gives best results if Cytokin is sprayed with micro-nutrients. 
  • For application mix one ounce of Cytokin with four gallon of water and apply to foliage thoroughly to dampness. 
  • Cytoking should be applied in the morning or after 4 p. m. 
  • Cytokin can also be used for drenching the roots at the time of transplantation. 

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