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Can-Fan RS 12 inch High Output 975 CFM Inline Fan

Can-Fan 736815 RS 12 inch High Output 975 CFM Inline Fan
A good ventilation setup is key to any hydroponics system. The Can-Fan 736815 RS 12 inch High Output 975 CFM Inline Fan brings you one of the highest quality silenced fans on the market. Its unique combination of power, energy efficiency, and reliability make it the ideal choice for your garden.

Energy efficient
For those who are looking at the long term, you'll be pleased to know that these fans are quite energy efficient. They'll save you a bit of money on the electricity bills as well as give you that good feeling knowing you're making the most of your energy.

Special Features Include

  • Includes speed control 
  • High airflow
  • 17.5" D x 10" W
  • Metal with powder coated housing 
  • Speed controllable
  • Reversed curve blade design
  • ETL listed

975 CFM
One of the key measures of a fan's power and quality is how many cubic feet of air it moves per minute - the CFM. Perhaps surprising given this fan's size, it operates at an incredible 975 CFM, giving it the power and quality you need for your ventilation solutions.

Thermostatic, centrifugal model
If you like the Can-Fan RS Series but need a fan that can operate with less noise, this is the fan for you. It has all the benefits of the original RS Series fan but features a centrifugal design with a reverse blade curved impeller, 3130 RPMs, and 975 CFM, all while using only 365W of energy.

Great for growing areas
For your indoor gardening, this fan provides a great way to control the atmosphere in your growing area. Having quality ventilation is key for maximizing garden productivity, and these reliable fans are perfect for the job.

Reliable and long lasting
No one wants to go through the trouble of installing a new fan just because the last one stopped functioning too soon. Can-Fans are built to last, providing reliable ventilation for long lasting trouble-free use.

12" fan 
Make sure to get the right balance between size and CFM. Measuring 12", this fan can fit in a wide variety of places, giving you plenty of placement flexibility while still having powerful air throughout.  The thermostatic centrifugal design and 8 ft. power cord adds to its appeal.

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