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Blacksmith BioScience | Forge SP

Blacksmith BioScience | Forge SP

Blacksmith BioScience is a microbial development company whose mission is to harness advanced technologies in order to increase understanding of the biology that controls and assists plant fertility. They use that knowledge to develop agricultural products that maximize existing soil nutrients, reduce fertilizer usage, increase yield and improve plant nutrition. Their long term goal is to significantly reduce harmful fertilizer and chemical runoff in ecological systems around the world through use of their patented, unique biofertilizers.


  • High concentration of the patented Streptomyces nigrescent strain MR541
  • Chelates unavailable iron and complexes it into a form usable by plants
  • Will release iron to plant even in high pH conditions


  • Water soluble powder
  • Labeled for spray, soil application or seed treatment
  • Can be tank mixed with chemicals, biologicals or fertilizers
  • Registered as a soil amendment in most states
  • 1 year shelf life

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